STARS Scholarship Program

Washington STARS Scholarship Reimbursement Program


Apply for the STARS Scholarship reimbursement through your MERIT profile.

1. Log into your MERIT account at:

2. Click on the APPLICATION TAB

3. Scroll down to the section titled Professional Development Awards & Incentives

4. Click on the link: Training Reimbursement

 5. Follow the instructions provided.

6. If you have questions about the STARS Scholarship Reimbursement, contact DEL MERIT directly at  


Successful Solutions is unable to assist you with anything regarding the scholarship reimbursement program.


Click here for application guidelines for state-approved training reimbursements.


Certificates are prepared every day and sent by email.


In most cases you should receive your certificate the same day. However, it should never be more than 3 days.   


Certificates are prepared through out the day, 7 days a week. That means that if you complete one course today, you will receive a certificate for the one course TODAY. If you complete 5 courses today, you will receive one certificate with all 5 courses.


You can expect that you should receive your certificate the same day that you complete the course if the evaluation form is submitted before 4 pm.  However, because occasionally there are extenuating circumstances (power/internet outage, illness/accident, or an extreme high volume of completed courses) we like you to be aware that it could be 3 days. However, the turn around time to receive certificates should never be more than 3 days.

Certificates are prepared daily and sent by email.

Student Support


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Here at Successful Solutions, we have the very best student support staff! Not only are we the kindest, most helpful ladies around, we are available when you need us. And don't worry if it's a holiday, we are probably here!