STARS 20 Hour Basic Training Online 

Training Designed for Washington State Child Care Professionals
20 Hour Basic Training Provided by Successful Solutions Training in Child Development in Partnership with Claudette Lindquist, Advanced STARS Educator


Washington STARS

STARS is the acronym for State Training And Registry System

STARS is a career development system designed to improve child care through basic and ongoing training for child care providers. The Department of  Early Learning (DEL) administers the STARS Registry, a web-based database that tracks provider records.


Let's Review the STARS System

STARS (State Training and Registry System)

Washington State mandated training program for child care providers.

MERIT (Managed Education and Registry Information Tool)

MERIT replaces the STARS database as the place for information on STARS approved training and education.

The Department of Early Learning (DEL) 

State agency in charge of child care licensing and managing the STARS program.

Successful Solutions Training in Child Development 

STARS (DEL) approved training organization for STARS continuing education training. STARS training organization ID #5053.

Claudette Lindquist STARS approved trainer for the STARS 20-Hour-Basic training. Successful Solutions Training in Child Development offers the 20 Hour Basic Training online in partnership with Claudette Lindquist.

Washington Association for the Education of Young Children (WAEYC) 

Administers the STARS scholarships and the conference support for the Department of Early Learning


Because it is very easy to misunderstand the STARS system, we want to make sure that you know who is providing this 20 Hour Basic training.

Successful Solutions Training in Child Development is a professional training organization providing a service to the child care community.

We are independent STARS approved trainers, not affiliated with the Washington State Department of Early Learning or with WAEYC. We are approved by the STARS program to provide STARS training.

All STARS training regulations/procedures, record keeping; and STARS ID’s are dictated or managed by the Washington State Department of Early Learning (DEL). The STARS Scholarship Program is managed by WAEYC.



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